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We now provide a range of UK parcel delivery solutions including collection and drop-off services.

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How it works?

It can be frustrating, limited and expensive to deliver items to the UK from the Isle of Man. 

We found a solution to this uniquely Manx problem: Ship from Man. Sailing the Irish Sea and delivering all the things you want - in any size and from your home to any location in the UK - in the most cost-effective way.


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Simply enter your parcels dimensions and weight into our quote generator and we'll calculate a range of delivery options and prices for you.


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Choose to have us collect your parcel(s) from your desired collection address or you can drop your parcel to us at our Douglas parcel depot.

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Choose to have your parcel delivered your recipients nearest shop for them to collect from at their convenience or have your parcel delivered directly to their address.

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Once you've chosen and paid for your desired pick-up / drop-off options, we'll take it from there. We'll have your parcel shipped to the UK in no time at all!


How much you pay for your delivery is all down to the size and weight of what you are sending.

To make it all as easy as possible for you we have mapped these variables to our pricing structure. To find out how much any item will cost to ship simply use the pricing calculator menus situated in the delivery page.

As a guide our services start at £3.99 for up to 0.5 kilograms.

Once we have received your parcel delivery will normally take between 2-3 working days.

You receive free insurance to the value of £50.00. You will have the option to increase your level of insurance to £1000.00 at check out.

When your item has been dispatched ShipFromMan will notify you by email or SMS with a link to the tracking order, from this point you can log in to your account and track the progress of your order. 

If you require a signature you must add this to your order when processing your shipment online.

Unfortunately there are some items that ShipFromMan is currently unable to deliver. These items include but are not limited to the following:

Antiques, any substances the storage of which would require the obtaining of any consent or licence, any tobacco products, bank notes, treasury notes, cash, bullion, currency, cheques, bearer securities, negotiable securities, bonds, bovine embryos, bovine semen, coin collections, CS gas canisters, dangerous drugs, drugs, medicines, endangered flora or fauna, explosives, firearms, shotguns, ammunition, fireworks, flick-knives, fuel, oil, acids, household or factory removals, illegal drugs, indecent or obscene material, live animals, human or animal remains, manuscripts or plans, pictures, plants, precious stones, stamps, title deeds, 'Waste' as defined under the UK Environmental Protection Act.

Dangerous goods which are specified in the special classification in the ICAO T.I., IATA DGR, IMDG-Code, ADR or other national of international regulations for surface transport of dangerous goods.

There are also other items that we can carry but may not be covered by insurance. For example,  goods of a fragile nature, specifically glass, marble, pottery, ceramics, furniture or goods of a kindred nature. Please see our conditions of carriage for a full list.

All items must be packaged appropriately by you for onward delivery (which will involve multiple handling and shipping by land and sea). If you are unsure about this, please contact us.

If we refuse an item, we will contact you.

Yes, all items must be packaged appropriately (which will involve multiple handling and shipping by land and sea).

We have no wish to lose your business or goodwill through freight being under insured. If your goods have an intrinsic value exceeding the cover available from ShipFromMan we strongly recommend that you  make arrangements with your own Insurer to cover any shortfall between our liability and the actual value of the consignment.

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